Best White Horse Breeds You Should Know About

White horses are beautiful and charming. They are peaceful to look at and you can just stare at them for a long time and get an amazing feeling. However, did you know that not all white horses are truly white? The true white horse is born white and remains so throughout its life. This is because of the dominant white (W) genes in their body. There are others which are born grey and change colors at different stages of their life. Most white horses are like that. 

In this post, we are going to cover some of the best white horse breeds in the world so that you can clearly understand and learn about them.


When we talk about truly white horses, we have to mention Thoroughbreds. This breed is found in different colors. The white-colored ones look really fascinating. There is a farm named Kentucky Lake’s Megson Farms which is completely dedicated to breeding white thoroughbreds.

Height: 15.2 to 17.0 hands

Weight: 1,000 to 1,200 pounds 

Camarillo White horses

Camarillo White horses

This is a rare horse breed which had its origin less than a century back. Adolfo Camarillo purchased a pure white horse in 1921 named Sultan. That horse is believed to have been the first one in the lineage. The descendants of this horse are found even today.

Height: 14.2 to 17 hands

Weight: 1,000 to 1,250 pounds

Cremello Horse

Although these are not true white horse breeds, you will often find it difficult to tell otherwise. These horses have white all over the body including the tail and the mane. However, in some horses, you will find a pinkish overcoat. The color changes in these horses is because of the cream gene.

Height: 16 to 18 hands

Weight: 1,000 to 1,250 pounds

Few-spot Appaloosa

Although this horse is technically not a white horse, it has a white color coat with a few spots in the eyes and muzzle. The FewSpot Leopard is one sub-breed in this category which almost seems like a full white horse. 

Height: 14 to 16 hands

Weight: 950 to 1,250 pounds

White horses are very rare. The Camarillo White horse breeds have less than 50 of them worldwide. Likewise, the other horse breeds are also rare. However, the good news is that this number is gradually increasing. Within the next decade, white horses are expected to grow exponentially. With efforts of people like the ones managing the Kentucky Lake’s Megson Farms, it is certainly possible to see these amazing horses breed faster. Hopefully, in the next decade, when you move to the countryside in any European country, you will notice a white horse galloping towards you.

If you happen to find one, remember to spend some time with them and admire the beauty. 

Frequently Asked Questions about White Horse Breeds

What breed is a white horse?

Lipizzan, Camargue, Connemara, Boulonnais and Shagya Arabian are the white horse breeds

What is a white horse called?

A white horse will often be described as being “albino.”

Why is a white horse called GREY?

White horses are called Grey because of their white yet grey-ish hair color.

Does a white horse symbolize death?

A white horse symbolizes death in a lot of different cultures. Other times they represent purity and innocence.

What does the white horse represent in the Bible?

The white horse is a symbol of purity and holiness. Various interpretations identify the four horses as representing different things. Still, some interpreters believe that Jesus Christ himself will come riding on one to save his followers from evil.

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