Calmest Horse Breeds In The World

Do you feel it is important to feel safe with a horse? You must get a calm horse. Not all horses are fiery and hot-headed. Some are extremely calm and peaceful. You can find some of the calmest horse breeds in this article. Go through this list to learn about them in detail. 

Irish Vanner

Irish Vanner

The Irish Vanner is one of the most well-balanced horses with a striking appearance. It was originally bred to pull gypsy-wagons. However, today they are used as show horses, riding horses and for many other activities.

Height: 14-15.2 hands

Weight: 1,100 to 1,700 pounds

Fell Pony 

As the name suggests, the Fell Pony hails from the fell region in England. It was used for pulling carts in the days of horse-drawn transport. It has a good reputation for being calm and having a willing temperament.

Height: 13.2 to 14  hands

Weight: 800 to 1,000 pounds

Norwegian Fjord

One of the camest and cutest horse breeds of al, the Norwegian Fjord is the perfect horse for those who want to take things slowly. They are so calm that even the most anxious riders can be at ease when riding these horses. 

Height: 14 to 14.2  hands

Weight: 900 and 1200 pounds

Connemara Pony

If you are looking for a cute little pony to ride and play around with, the Connemara Pony can be an ideal choice. From beginner adult riders to kids, everyone can enjoy riding this little horse.

Its sweet and adorable nature makes it a really good horse for children.

Height: 12.2 to 14.2 hands

Weight: 400 and 650 pounds

American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse has a reputation for remaining calm under pressure. This is what makes them excellent for new riders. If you are looking for a horse that can help you build your skill and confidence, this is the perfect horse for you.

Height: 14.3 to 16 hands 

Weight: 1,000 to 1,200 pounds 



Appaloosas have a really good temperament. They are versatile and active. If you have kids who want to experience horse-riding, Appaloosas are ideal for that. 

Height: 14 hands to 16 hands

Weight: 950 to 1,250 pounds

What are the characteristics of calm horses?

When we say that certain horses are calm, we refer to some words like gentle, trusting, quiet, attentive, etc. To ensure that a horse is calm, you have to figure out if these traits are present in them or not. 

  • You can know if a horse is gentle by the way it treats others around it, be it animal or human. They are easy to be around. 
  • The next thing you have to ensure is if the horse is trusting or not. Trusting horses will listen to your commands and they do not require constant supervision. 
  • Another aspect of a calm horse is that it remains quiet. Unlike anxious horses, they like to go about doing their own thing quietly and peacefully.
  • Being attentive is a very important thing for horses. A horse which is not attentive can be dangerous. Calm horses pay attention to their masters and also to their surroundings. It is very difficult to get them surprised.

Frequently Asked Questions about Calmest Horse Breeds

Which breed of horse has the smoothest ride?

The Peruvian is the smoothest riding horse in the world, thanks to its unique four-beat lateral gait, which gives this breed an advantage over others with a smoother ride than any other horse!

What breed of horse is the kindest?

The Morgan horse is the kindest because they are really eager to please their riders.

What is the calmest draft horse breed?

The American Quarter horse is the calmest breed of draft horses.

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