Top 9 American Horse Breeds You Should Learn About

The United States of America breeds the highest number of horses compared to any other country in the world. With their fascination for horses, it is not surprising at all. Right from the colonial period to the modern 21st century, horses have always been an important animal for Americans. In this article, we have covered some of the most popular American horse breeds which are known all over the world.


The Morgan has been known since colonial times. It was used for tilling farms in England back then. Today, it is being used for riding and driving carts. It is strong and it has a very sleek look.

Height: 14.1 to 15.2 hands

Weight: 900 to 1,100 pounds

American Miniature Horse


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These are small-sized horses which are hugely popular in America. You can find them in various colors and patterns. They are gentle in nature and make good companion horses

Height: 8.5 hands to 9.5 hands

Weight: 150 to 350 pounds

American Quarter Horse

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One of the oldest horse breeds in America, the American Quarter Horse is known for its beauty, speed, agility, and gentleness. Their friendly nature makes them easy to train and you can find them as pets in a lot of houses in the countryside.

Height: 14.3 to 16 hands 

Weight: 1,000 to 1,200 pounds 



Appaloosas have been around for over a thousand years. This horse breed is a mix of the ancient wild horses and other breeds like the Arabian, the Thoroughbred, and the American quarter horse. It is known for its friendly nature and gentleness.

Height: 14 hands to 16 hands

Weight: 950 to 1,250 pounds

American Bashkir Curly Horse

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Commonly referred to as Bashkir Curlies, these horses are very rare. The origin of these horse breed is still a mystery. They are similar to the Morgan horse in built and size.

Height: 14 hands to 16 hands

Weight: 800 to 1,000 pounds

American Paint Horse

Known for their distinct spotted colors, the American Paint Horse is a very well known horse in America. They are heavily built and have strong chests and hindquarters. 

Height: 14 hands to 16 hands

Weight: 950 to 1,200 pounds

American Saddlebred

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The American Saddlebred is a versatile breed that is used for riding, farm work, and pulling carriages. Their sheer strength and agility make them fit for any discipline.

Height: 15 to 17 hands

Weight: 1,000 and 1,200 pounds


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This is one of the most common horse breeds in America. It is primarily used for harness racing. However, you will find them being used for other disciplines such as show jumping, eventing, dressage, polo, etc.

Height: 15.2 to 17 hands 

Weight: 1,000 to 1,200 pounds 


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This horse breed is strikingly similar to the Thoroughbred. They are small and heavy. They are mainly used for harness racing. 

Height: 14 to 17 hands

Weight: 800 and 1,000 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions about American Horse Breeds

What is America’s horse breed?

Appaloosa, the American breed, a favorite of cowboys for their versatility in any terrain type – from grassland to mountain

How many American horse breeds are there?

Here is the list of the 15 most popular horse breeds in the US:

  1. Quarter Horse
  2. POA
  3. Mustang
  4. Thoroughbred
  5. Haflinger
  6. Paint
  7. Appaloosa
  8. Welsh Ponies
  9. Tennessee Walking Horse
  10. Missouri Fox Trotter
  11. Arabian
  12. Percheron
  13. Standardbred
  14. Belgian
  15. Hanoverian

What is the oldest American horse breed?

The truest of all breeds said to be a cross between native Spaniards and imported English horses. The first Quarter Horses were bred in North America during or shortly after 1610.

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