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Billy Cook has been making horse saddles for 75 years. This saddle has been known as the best horse saddle for all these years. So, what is it about this saddle that makes it popular and one of the best selling saddles in the equestrian world? Read on to find out.

According to the user reviews, one of the best features of this saddle is the 3/4 basket design. It is certainly what makes this saddle unique and interesting to look at. But, is it just limited to the looks or is there something more to it that you should know? Well, there are many fascinating things about this horse gear which we have mentioned below. Go ahead and read the article till the end and understand why you should buy a Billy Cook saddle for your horse.

Features of Billy Cook Saddle

  • The stiff untanned leather used in this saddle gives it durability and strength. 
  • The thick and heavy leather works like a perfect cushion for the rider.
  • It gives you comfort without sacrificing durability.
  • It is suitable for any kind of horse and fits really well as a saddle.
  • It is designed in such a way that you can put it on the horse without having to do any set up on your part.

Billy Cook designs several designs of saddles that are all committed to safety and comfort. As beautiful as they are to look at, they are very comfortable to sit and ride in. Every saddle manufacturer attempts to copy them but there is no substitute for the real deal. Now, let us look at the best Billy Cook saddle you can find on Amazon.

Billy Cook Tub Turner Saddle (The BEST)

The interesting thing about this saddle is that it is handcrafted. There are processes involved in the crafting of this saddle and it looks great when finished. For the sake of this article, we are going to briefly explain to you about the process.

Note: There are a lot of counterfeit saddles made in the market. Please be cautious and look for the Billy Cook logo and trademark when making a purchase. 

Final words

Horses and humans have been living together for centuries. While horses have been a greate transportation medium, they have also been a good companion. As responsible horse owners, you need to do your bit to make your horse as comfortable as you can. Get the best saddle for them. After all, it is not just about your comfort. It is about the comfort of the horse that matters.

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