Best Pony Saddle Pads You Can Buy For Your Pony

Like humans, ponies need to be pampered and cared for from time to time. From providing the right medication to looking after the daily needs of your pony, caring for your pony can make it more adorable and healthy. Saddle pads are a great way to protect your pony from injuries on the back and give it a comfort while it takes load over its back.

So, here is a list of the best pony saddle pads you can get for your little horse today. Take a look.

Tough 1 Pony Square Saddle Pad

These are nice thick pads that will fit perfectly on your pony. The recommended pony size for these pads is 12 hands. It is comfortable and makes riding comfortable for you and your horse.


  • Sierra saddle pad
  • Hospital tested fleece lining
  • Heavy saddle pad felt center

Weaver Leather Pony Saddle Pad

This saddle pad is made from merino wool fleece. It provides great comfort to the rider and the horse. The ideal pony size for these pads is 12 hands. Make sure to remember that.


  • Easy-to-clean
  • Quick-drying Herculon Design
  • Merino Wool fleece bottom


TuffRider Basic Pony Saddle Pad

Coming from a brand known for producing high-quality material, the TuffRider Basic Pony Saddle Pad is one of the best in this list. The pads are light, durable and at an affordable price.


  • Diamond Quilting
  • Flannel Underside
  • Hook and Loop Tape Billet Straps
  • 84% Polyester, 16% Cotton

TuffRider I Heart Pony Girls Saddle Pad

This is a really cute looking saddle that little girls will love. It has an adorable design of the saddle that looks fresh and fun. If you are looking for a gift for the little pony lover in your life, this is what you should get.


  • 84% Polyester, 16% Cotton
  • Diamond Quilting
  • Hook and loop tape Billet Straps

Lettia Embroidered Flamingo Baby Saddle Pad

This is one of the cutest saddle pads you will find. It looks amazing with the flamingo design and makes a perfect gift for your little rider.


  • Additional girth loops
  • Cute and attractive design
  • Comfortable

Kavallerie Gel Pad

The Kavallerie Gel Pad is designed for protection and comfort. These are extremely lightweight and doesn’t cause any kind of hindrance in movement. With this pad, you can remain assured that your horse’s skin gets a constant flow of air.


  • Breathable mesh fabric for airflow
  • Regulates heat build-up to prevent overheating
  • Anti-slip underside matting

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