Best Pony Breeds In The World – The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to horse breeds, ponies are the smallest of them all. Most of them are heavy-bodied and have thick manes and coats on them. They are really cute to look at and most children want to have them as pets. While ponies are certainly good for recreation and sports, you have to know the different breeds of ponies that exist on the earth so that you can get the best suitable option.

American Sportpony

This is one of the newest pony breeds in the United States. This breed is very athletic and competitive. It is suitable for younger riders. It is one of the fastest pony breeds in the world.

Height: 13.2 – 14.2 hands (54-58 inches or 137 – 147cm.)

Weight: Unknown

American Quarter Pony

This pony breed was developed from the Quarter Horse. You can easily find these horse breed in any part of America and other regions of the world. They can be seen in various colors and coat patterns. 

Height: 12 – 14.2 hands

Weight: 950 to 1,200 pounds

Exmoor Pony

Exmoor Pony

This breed is one of the endangered species in the world. They still can be seen in Exmoor, a region in Southern England. You can spot them, particularly in Devon and Somerset. They are mostly brown colored.

Height: 11.3 – 12.3 hands

Weight: 700 to 800 pounds

Dales Pony

The Dales Pony is a friendly horse breed which is known for its sheer strength and courage. Considered as a native to Britain, this breed originated from breeding a Galloway and a Pennine Pony. It was even used during the World Wars for carrying around artilleries and stuff.

Height: 14 – 14.2 hands

Weight: 800 to 1,000 pounds

Connemara Pony

Legend has it that Connemara ponies were lineage of the Scandinavian ponies which were brought to Ireland by the Vikings. Connemaras are mostly used sports ponies. It is very active and people use it for a variety of activities such as eventing, show jumping, dressage, etc. You can find them in the colors of cream and palomino.

Height: 14 – 14.2 hands

Weight: 300 to 600 pounds

Shetland Pony

The Shetland Pony were used as workhorses for quite some time. They were used to carry loads from the mines in Britain. They have a muscular built suited for hard work and laborious activities. Today, they have a reputation as a show horse and are sought after as pets by young kids.

Height: 7 hands to 11.5 hands

Weight: 400 to 450 pounds

Highland Pony

This is one of those pony breeds which are used for pleasure riding. Some even use them in farming because of its efficiency as a workhorse. On its body, you can find thick hair over a dense overcoat which gets replaced by a smoother coat during the winter.

Height: 13 to 14.2 hands

Weight: 1200 – 1300 pounds

Other pony breeds:

  • Welara Pony
  • Pony of the Americas
  • Hackney Pony
  • Gotland Pony
  • Fell Pony
  • New Forest Pony
  • Kerry Bog Pony
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